Transformation for me is a result of many perspectives, such as, inner change of the soul; meditative thinking; introspection; reconciliation with ourselves and the need for mental redevelopment. Through the observation of thoughts and breathing while meditating, calmness and relaxation is achieved and the best version of ourselves is revealed.

My Sea

My need to imprint the sea through my own eyes, inspired this creation. Its how I feel when I see it, the different emotions that triggers whit it’s diverse options when its calm and stormy.


The jewelry collection “Prosopa” was created to approach the concept of beauty through time, making use of the remaining pieces of a shipwreck (worn wood, altered colors, rusty metals, lichens). Three distinct 'faces' bring out the idea of 'broken beauty', through materials that once, spared us their unique beauty and usability. The obvious damage, the deformation and the fading of colors are intense, but they also create a new esthetic. The fragments and remnants of a past beauty shape the "broken beauty" of a new era. The purpose is to regenerate the old and the worn out into something new. To "rebuild" beauty through its fragments, extending its life over time.


This collection includes jewelry that has been created as a result of experimentation. Materials are transformed, thoughts are combined, and forms are tested based on inspiration. Imagination and artistic quality are instruments in our hands with common point the experimentation.