My journey to the realm of jewelry began from a very early age.
I always remember myself creating jewels from materials that I was interested in.
The idea of creating a jewelry was so exciting, that through my imagination I was slowly seeing it get flesh and bone, becoming “an object” with my hands and in my hands. The process of combining the materials with each other and transforming them into jewelry urged me to go one step further. Even though being familiar with a great deal of things I had the urge of studying and getting to know more about what I love so much.

From my studies of jewelry, the “Le Arti Orafe” School of Fine Arts in Florence and the “Krama Institute of Contemporary Jewelry” in Athens, I learned the ability to tame my inspiration and how to approach an idea or a thematic project while adopting the right order that is required for the the realization of an idea, in order to “give birth” to the visual result. The experience, combined with the unpredictable but inevitable experimentation in art and the given persistent effort, lead me to the miracle of “transformation,” which brings my soul, my feelings and thoughts indelibly printed on it.

When a journey of creation is coming to an end, a new one has already begun to drawn into me, inspired by images of my everyday life, the organic and inorganic nature, the vivid architecture, shapes and forms around me. The metal, the paper, the wood, the colors and the plethora of other materials cause, serve and deepen my passion for creation.

My work has been presented at exhibitions and galleries in Greece and abroad such as:

    • “JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2017”, Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona, Spain
    • “Athens Jewelry Week 2017”, Benaki Museum, Athens
    • “Young Designer’s Corner, Gemworld Munich Show”, Munich, Germany
    • “Krama, Contemporary Jewelry Exhibition”, Krama School at the Museum of Jewelry Ilias Lalaounis
    • “Author Contemporary Jewelry Fair”, Bucharest, Romania
    • “400 years since the death of Shakespeare”, Dipylon Theater, Krama School Athens
    • “Is that Jewelry”, School of Atmosphere, Atopos Gallery CVC, Athens And at the Galleria Alice Floriano in Brazil
    • “End of the Year”, Le Arti Orafe School Exhibition, Florence, Italy

Also my work has been selected for the “Alliages Legacy Award 2016” at the Alliages Gallery in Lille, France, and I was selected to showcase my work at the JOYA BARCELONA 2017 World Jewelry Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain.

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